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There are three payment options:

  1. Paying online (Visa,  Paylib, CB, Mastercard, Maestro, E-Carte Bleue) – pay with your credit/debit card online and download receipt.
    1. In the case you are unable to successfully make a payment:
      1. Go back to the menu and hover over Apply
      2. Click on Retry Payment
  2. Bank Transfer – pay at your preferred bank and collect a payment slip as proof of payment.
  3. Pay with bank card at the Embassy – pay via POS at the Embassy using your bank card.

There is a service fee of €10 for each application submitted online.

Remember to book an appointment before submitting your printed and signed application at the Embassy. To book an appointment:

  • visit the Embassy’s website and select the appropriate service under Consular.
  • Click on the Book an Appointment button at the bottom of the page.

Bring along all supporting original documents and payment receipts where applicable.

Your application will not be processed if all requirements are not met.

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